Friday, June 6, 2008

Yay, He Pooped!

Yep, this post is about Maison's smelly diapers, so please feel free to stop reading now if you'd like. I am a girly-girl. I hate everything stinky, slimy, squirmy, boogery, etc., but for some reason I think my kid's diaper habits are insanely interesting and I will discuss them openly with whoever will listen. Sorry everyone (and Maison), but here we go...

My little man was born a stinker. I call him my little motorboat and we tease that his gas almost propels him off of our laps. But, the gas is where it stops. His messy diapers are very few and far between. This is something I'm not used to. I think I should get some kind of special recognition for how many times I still have to change Madeline in a day. Her plumbing works very well.

When I tried to think back to Maison's last messy diaper, I could only come up with about a week and a half ago, a day after eating his first cereal. I'm not positive, but pretty sure. That can't be good for him and it certainly can't be comfortable. Instead of calling the doctor, I decided to get ninja on his booty and give him some prunes instead. I just gave him a little bit mixed with cereal and then watched and waited. I was really afraid that when he went he would completely blow up.

Hours and hours later, after lots of squirming, he finally went! Yay, we don't have to go see the doctor! It wasn't pretty, but the diaper contained it, thank goodness. I don't know if it was the prunes, or just his time to go, but I'm going to continue with the prunes to see if they make a difference.

Luckily, there aren't any pictures that correspond to this post- that'd be really gross. Here's an action shot of Maison instead.

Oh, and here's a cute little story that's almost as troubling as the poopy diaper stuff. I had Madeline running around all morning with no diaper on in our very casual, kinda potty training mode. She was playing in all of my old jewelery in my bathroom where she always plays while I get ready for the day. Next thing I know she has one end of a turquoise stone bracelet stuck in her lower booty crack with the bracelet hanging down, wagging it, saying, "mom. tail., look mom. tail." Sorry sweetie- you did it, not me.


Angela said...

Isn't it funny how many conversations revolve around poop once you're a Mama? I hear you on the issues with pooping. M gets prunes at least every other day.
He is such a little cutie!
Oh, and I am laughing my arse at Madeline's "tail".

Millisa said...

okay, first of all, that is so freakin funny...i got tears in my eyes from laughing!! ....and yep, prunes do the trick....always :) your babies are too cute!!!!

lesleysmeshly said...

I'm loving the "tail" too!!!! Lucky for me we have regular little poopers. We used to go through 20 diapers daily...SO glad those days are gone. Once we had to resort to the thermometer in the booty trick...hopefully you won't have to go there since it was GROSS!!

I found the P's worked with poop...peaches, pears, prunes, plums. I would either do baby food or mix a little juice with water.