Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Boy, are we a tired bunch of folk around here lately. I mean seriously dragging ass. My great sleeping little man has decided to torture me by waking up 2-3 times a night. For food or for company, I can't tell. And his crazy sister has also decided that she needs a visit each night just to say hi, or to tell me that she's all done sleeping. Thor's been getting up super early trying to get his workouts back on track, so he's pooped too.

Add to that my howling, bed-jumping, on-my-pillow-sleeping (gross) cat, who would rather spend her nights outside catching rats and leaving their guts, plus an occasional tail or leg, right outside our backdoor, instead of inside where we keep her so we don't have to clean up the nastiness.

Yes, my neighborhood has rats. It's an old neighborhood, we have rats and huge prehistoric flys. None in the house though, thank goodness. I would let my stupid cat catch them all if she didn't insist on leaving us presents.

I'm hoping Maison is trying to cut a tooth and not getting rock-a-bye spoiled. I just can't let him cry it out with Madeline sleeping right next door, plus my experience with Madeline has taught me that most likely, if I do let him cry it out, he'll cut a tooth in a week and I'll feel horrible that I made him cry it out when he just wanted me to make him feel better. Tonight he got Tylenol before bed, so we'll see if that makes a difference. Probably won't- he's already been up once.

I took the kids for a walk this morning and was so drained that I only made it around the block. Even Madeline just wanted to go home and have her bottle, which means she was tired too. I can usually walk forever in my neighborhood, especially when the weather is nice. Sometimes I wish I drank coffee, just so I could catch that little buzz. I use hot chocolate, but it has lots of calories.

And my dang dizziness is back. I think it might be my eyes. I'm getting old and need to have my eyes checked. I haven't had them checked since it was my parents responsibility to make sure those kinds of things happened. For now I'm wearing the motion sickness patch so I can at least function.

Bitch bitch bitch, cry cry cry, wah wah wah...

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