Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yesterday's excitement

Big fevers and sickies just weren't excitement enough for us around here yesterday. Maison's little tiny body decided to go from 103 to 106 degrees suddenly and sent him into a febrile seizure. I was sitting next to him when it happened, he was laying on the couch watching tv, as he had been most of the day, when he cried out and I looked over to see his eyes roll back. We called 911, and the operator assured me that it was common in young children and isn't usually serious. He told me to take off all of his clothes and lay him on the floor and just let the seizure finish. The paramedics arrived soon after he had stopped convulsing and they took him and me to the hospital to have him looked at. They found an ear infection, which they say caused the fever. We all have fevers, and we don't all have ear infections, but it's probably why his got so bad.

I took this picture at the hospital when he finally got to sleep for a little bit. He was so worn out from being sick and from the seizure and every time he finally stopped crying and fell asleep, someone else would come in to mess with him.

He started to feel better once we left the hospital and his fever seemed to be in better control. I gave him medicine throughout the night and he was so tuckered out that he mostly slept right through everything.

On a lighter note, Madeline's big dilemma of the day was that her ice cream was so cold that it hurt her leg to eat it. And she was upset that I couldn't warm it up.

Today we're all still on the mend. Lots of resting. Maison was definitely feistier today, which is a good sign. Still nobody ate much. Madeline slept on the couch a bit and she's the one with the most fever still lingering. Her cheekies are all pink and her eyelids swollen. She looks so sweet. I'm debating on taking her to the doctor. I'm always afraid of catching other germs while we're there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We have worms

I came down with the flu on Sunday and told Madeline that I couldn't kiss her because I had too many bad germs. She spent the next little while inspecting my mouth for worms. And had me make sure there weren't any worms on her tongue.

Now it's Tuesday. I'm feeling better, not 100%, but better. Everyone else though, not so good. It's a big bad fever bug. After Tylenol, Thor is around 103, Maison's between 104 & 105, Madeline is only at about 100, but she threw up for the first time ever, all over herself, me, the couch, her star blanket. She kept crying, saying, "Mommy, what's happening!? What is this!?".

At least I got it first, so now I can take care of everyone else. And, at least it's far enough from vacation for us all to get well before we leave.

Friday, March 20, 2009


was gorgeous.

Madeline woke up a little late due to her middle of the night waking with the complaint that her "leg is tired".

I took the kids to visit some friends at my old workplace. The kids LOVED Tina's little tiny dogs. I especially liked Tink, the teacup Yorkie.

the kids took good naps.

Madeline ate HN Cheerios, part of a banana, some dry plain Cheerios, 1 1/2 PBJs, some green grapes, a granola bar, one bite of a sloppy joe, a ham sandwich, some tater tots, and a yogurt popsicle.

I went to an Allergist. He did not test me for allergies. We did it the easy way and he just told me that I was allergic to trees, grass, and weeds. He gave me Pregnisone to help my breathing problem and some Nasonex for my other problems. I hope they work.

I waxed somebody's eyebrows.

I sprayed off the patio toys and furniture with the hose while the kids and dog played and got everything muddy.

we swung on the swingset. Madeline is loving it now that she is comfortable on the big kid swings. Now she wants to be pushed "high, high, high!". Makes me a little nervous.

ended with dinner for Maison, baths, Madeline's bang trim (too short! like always) and bed.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. I decided to practice using manual focus on my camera, and have realized that my kids on the swings was probably not the best choice for my first practice . I think I'll just try it on a tree or something next time. Or just continue with auto focus, I don't know.

2. Madeline has disovered that she can:

reach the top shelf of the refrigerator,

swing herself,

and fly.

3. My little man is having some serious teething issues. His eye teeth, those boogers. I have to say that Madeline NEVER bit me. Ever. Well, she would if I put my finger in her mouth, but I can't blame her for that. Maison has a couple of times when other teeth have been on their way in, but right now he's OUT OF CONTROL. He came up and chomped down on my back when I was sitting on the floor and, by reflex, my elbow swung back and knocked him down. He cried, of course. I felt bad, but I thought at least he had to have learned his lesson. Later, he walked up while I was making dinner and chomped down on my thigh. Again, my reflexes took over and my knee swung up and knocked him down. Poor thing. Now I keep my eyes open for him heading toward me with his teeth bared so I can dodge the bite. I gave him a popsicle to see if it'd help. It did, for about 3 minutes.

4. Disneyland and San Diego in 2 weeks. Heeyah!

5. Our neighborhood. It's causing me GREAT, HUGE, HORRIBLE pains with my allergies lately. I know, wah, wah, wah. But, anyways. We have a lot of people who walk in our neighborhood. At our last house we also had a lot of people who walked in our neighborhood. The difference is that the people I see now aren't walking to GO anywhere. They aren't walking to the bus stop, or to school, or to the store. They're just walking to walk. It makes a big difference.

6. I keep going shopping for Maison because he doesn't have many warm weather clothes, but I keep coming home with stuff for Madeline instead, who REALLY doesn't need any more clothes. Girl stuff is just so much cuter.

7. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. This past week has been a Junk Food Fest. We normally go out to eat about once a week, either a dinner or a breakfast. And about twice a month I'll have some kind of nasty fast food. This past week, just last Thursday-Sunday actually, we had Jack in the Crack, Chapala's, Omelet House, Pizza and wings, Jack in the Crack again, and Quiznos. Gross me out. We spent our entire month's eating out budget in four days.

2. Madeline has stopped the incesstant repeating. But it has been replaced with stuttering, bossiness, and arguing.

3. We went out to the park Sunday morning to take a walk and feed the ducks. It was a nice little outing. The 3 year old trailing us while throwing a screaming, yelling, fit about not being able to go on the slides (our 3 year old) put a little damper on it, but she seemed to bother the people trying to fish more than us. And she cooled off once Thor started to throw the bread to the ducks. Our old, frozen bread was not up to the ducks high standards, though, and they left most of it floating in the lake. But Maison thought it was tasty.

It looks like he's about to drive into the lake, but the tricycle is actually keeping him put.

4. My proudest mommy moment of the week is when I found the new bottle of infant tylenol that had been missing for the last week and a half. I found it in the toy box. I should be fired.

5. I ignored my allergies and took the kids to the park twice this week to play. It's so nice to just be able to let Madeline go. She has enough coordination to go where she wants without me having to follow her around as closely as I used to. Maison loves it, too. He likes to crawl up the steps to the highest spots (with me following, of course). He watches all of the other kids with amazement and gets so excited when they run past him.

5. We closed on our new rental house. At least we'll always have somewhere to live. :)

6. I drive further than necessary to go to the Target that has a Starbucks inside.

7. Tonight's dinner: breaded pork chops, rolls, corn on the cob, and pumpkin pie. Much better than Crack in the Jack.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My evil spawn

This picture kinda scares me. I just had to share.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I think Maison's decided that naps are for sissies.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some birthday pics

Ok, drunky

I took the kids over to Sunset Park this afternoon and as we were driving in I went over a speed bump. Madeline said, "Whoa, you must be drunk huh, mom."

Yep, I must be drunk, gooberhead.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. Most awesomest mom of the week: the woman who was caught driving, while talking on her cell phone, and breastfeeding her newborn baby. You go girl!

2. I finally made Madeline more popsicles. Plain yogurt, bananas, blueberries, frozen oj, vanilla and apple pie spice. She likes them because she thinks they're dessert. I like them because they're just fruit and yogurt. She eats the ones with blue sticks first, then the pink, then the red, the green and the orange ones last.

3. Now that Maison can walk, he thinks he can run. But he falls. He's such a shorty toddling around.

4. Madeline has turned into a big, big helper this week. Wanting to help with everything. She even offered to go get Maison when he woke up from his nap. We've been pretend playing a lot. She likes to be my mom and tuck me into bed with my pillow and blanket and dollies (which is more than fine by me), she pats my back and kisses my forehead. Yesterday, while I was in my nap, she jumped on her princess car and got me Starbucks- she went through the drive through.

5. We had Madeline's birthday party on Saturday. Pizza and wings and my pretty cute big cupcake cakes. It was fun. I think most of the adults left with serious allergies, though (partly due to me not wiping the pollen dust off of the patio furniture until after people sat down and got comfortable, I'm sure). Why don't allergies affect kids as much as they do adults?

6. Speaking of allergies. I'm irritated that the weather is so, so nice, and I've had to barricade us inside our house because I'm seriously allergic to something(s) in my neighborhood. I woke up the other day with eyes so red and itchy and watery that I looked up the symptoms of red eye and thought I needed to go to the doctor. They got better with some Claritin, though.

7. I took the kids to Office Max and Petsmart today. I carried Maison through Office Max and then walked next door to get the cat food. Little dude is HEA-VY. I can't believe he is just average height and weight for his age. He seems like such a chunker. He kept talking to the kitties in the adoption center and turning and trying to stand up in the cart. And Madeline scared a frog, which scared us both when it jumped into the water.

8. Bye, agillators!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dinner with Maison