Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. I decided to practice using manual focus on my camera, and have realized that my kids on the swings was probably not the best choice for my first practice . I think I'll just try it on a tree or something next time. Or just continue with auto focus, I don't know.

2. Madeline has disovered that she can:

reach the top shelf of the refrigerator,

swing herself,

and fly.

3. My little man is having some serious teething issues. His eye teeth, those boogers. I have to say that Madeline NEVER bit me. Ever. Well, she would if I put my finger in her mouth, but I can't blame her for that. Maison has a couple of times when other teeth have been on their way in, but right now he's OUT OF CONTROL. He came up and chomped down on my back when I was sitting on the floor and, by reflex, my elbow swung back and knocked him down. He cried, of course. I felt bad, but I thought at least he had to have learned his lesson. Later, he walked up while I was making dinner and chomped down on my thigh. Again, my reflexes took over and my knee swung up and knocked him down. Poor thing. Now I keep my eyes open for him heading toward me with his teeth bared so I can dodge the bite. I gave him a popsicle to see if it'd help. It did, for about 3 minutes.

4. Disneyland and San Diego in 2 weeks. Heeyah!

5. Our neighborhood. It's causing me GREAT, HUGE, HORRIBLE pains with my allergies lately. I know, wah, wah, wah. But, anyways. We have a lot of people who walk in our neighborhood. At our last house we also had a lot of people who walked in our neighborhood. The difference is that the people I see now aren't walking to GO anywhere. They aren't walking to the bus stop, or to school, or to the store. They're just walking to walk. It makes a big difference.

6. I keep going shopping for Maison because he doesn't have many warm weather clothes, but I keep coming home with stuff for Madeline instead, who REALLY doesn't need any more clothes. Girl stuff is just so much cuter.

7. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight.


Millisa said...

love all her new skills :)

with the biting...ugh! nolan was a biter; especially when i was NURSING him!! no greater pain, i swear...

hope your allergies give you a rest soon..

Angela said...

I hear you on the biting as M was, too. With her, it was short lived though. She hasn't bitten since probably 17 or 18 months. It's just their instict to bite I think. He is loosing his "baby" look. So handsome!
Allergies...ugh! Not wah wah wah. They can make you so completely miserable and it's not something that goes away at some point, like a cold. It can last months and months and months. I know, not what you want to hear. Break down and see an allergist. Just someone telling me I was not a hypocondriact (sp?) gave me the right to complain.=)
Madeline is so beautiful. and yes, girls are so much funner to buy for!