Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Sunday, can I hit 10?

1. Madeline is sick, sick, sick. Sore throat, cough, fever. We've locked her in her room and won't let her near any of us. I hope she's doing ok.

2. That was a joke, ha ha. SHE doesn't think she's sick, so we couldn't keep her away even if we tried. Her throat is really bothering her. At least that's what I'm guessing from her "I just can't take it anymore!" screams. She's extra dramatic since I've been letting her suck on candy canes to help it.

3. We won our Superbowl bets. Go Saints! I only bet a wimpy 20 bucks, but it payed pretty good and Thor's less wimpy than I am, so he won lots. Maybe he'll take me to dinner (hint hint).

4. Since it was SUPPOSED to be a rainy gloomy day today, we had tomato soup with grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches for dinner. If you like tomato soup this recipe from PW's site is soooo good. And super easy too. Certainly not low-fat though.

5. Maison has been practicing his jumps. Yesterday both feet left the ground. Go little dude!

6. We're in the midst of buying a house. A few wrinkles have been ironed out. Now I just hope it will close with no other problems.

7. Madeline needs more entertainment than I can provide. I would like to get her into preschool in the next few months. Although I haven't done any research on the matter, which probably isn't a good thing. Maybe living in an older area has it's perks- like maybe no waiting lists at preschools? Oh, and probably I should get a job.

8. Check out my friend's new photography website and leave her some love on her blog to win some cute stuff. It's really a nice site. And her pictures are BE-A-UTIFUL.

9. My tax papers are nearly ready to turn over to the CPA. This is a serious record- about 6 months earlier than usual. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this staying at home business. Too bad I have to prep for an IRS audit too. Suckies!

10. Eeek, It's 11 o'clock already. Time for bed!