Friday, May 13, 2011

18. Food chain

May 3rd

What the kids learn from watching dinosaur documentaries. I prefer when they feed them the fruit and fried chicken from the play kitchen set.

17. Bed head bunny

April 24th

Maison with his Easter stash. The kid's baskets are tiny from when they were babies, it'll be time for new ones next year. Madeline was an awesome egg hunter this year. The kids each got a movie, a couple toys and, of course, CANDY. After we did our thing, we were off to the GG's for a yummy brunch.

16. Getting ready for E.B.

April 22nd

We did good. Only the orange was spilt. We tried something new this year and colored a few eggs with crayons while they were hot out of the pot. Very pretty, but took too much time and patience for the little ones.

15. Baker's helpers

April 15th

I've been trying to make most of our bread at home these days, so I'm lucky to have a bread machine and so many helpers. Of course, I have to make the whole process harder than it needs to be. I decided that I don't like the size and shape of the bread machine loaves so I bought a pan to make regular sandwich bread sized loaves and I bake my dough in the oven. But the pan, of course, doesn't hold the standard amount of dough, so every recipe has to be tweaked. I finally have a usable recipe, but it took quite a few very heavy, very floury, very uneatable loaves to get here.

14. 11 years

April 9th

Today is our 11th anniversary. We started the day at a soccer game. And ended it with a nice dinner out and a movie at home. No kids. Thanks mom!

13. Ditch diggers

March 27th

DOWN WITH DIRT! We have started to landscape our backyard. The kids love the dirt, but it is way too dirty for me. For the record, it is now 6 weeks later and so far we've planted a tree, killed said tree, planted a new tree, and dug the trench for the sprinkler line. We move kinda slow...