Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm a little biased, but she's adorable

Madeline had her dance recital yesterday. We were all so, so proud of her. We dropped her off at the backstage door and the stage moms took her back to get settled and wait for her class's turn to preform. It was only the second time I've ever left her with someone I didn't know. The first time was just on Wednesday when she had to go to the rehearsal at the dance studio and parents weren't allowed in. It was a funny feeling to just drop her and leave. Up on stage, she did great. She didn't even look scared. You can't really see her face in this video, but she was even smiling a little. She's the last one on the left, closest to the teacher.

Recital from Jessica Stewart on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today's 10

1. I found Madeline sucking on her toes. Took me a sec to realize she was trying to get the nail polish off.

2. Plumbers crack.

3. Madeline swam in the little pool on the patio. Maison stuck a toe in toward the end of the day.

4. 3 loads of dishes. I don't know why, we haven't been eating anything out of the ordinary.

5. 2 naps, barely overlapping.

6. It was Thor's night to do bath and bed with the kids. Madeline only got up once because the batteries in her flashlight went dead. Thor got her to go back to bed without changing them. I don't think I would have been able to.

7. I got lots of pages read in the book I'm reading, thanks to the swimming pool and the bath/bedtime routine. Yay for me!

8. Questions have taken over my life. Why is the cracker broken? Because it just is. For what? I don't know. Where is the princess? Right there. Why is she wearing that? Because she likes it. Where's the princess now? Right there. Why? I don't know.

9. Pulled pork and baked beans for dinner. I actually remembered to make the coleslaw this time. Tried a new bean recipe and it was yummy.

10. Chocolate pudding for desert. With bananas in the kids' bowls. Maison looked like he swam in it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Madeline in June

June 06

June 07

June 08

June 09

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Current events

We've had record injuries lately.

Madeline had her finger bit by a tortoise, was busted in the lip with a dog bone, fell off the couch and hit her head on the table, was poked in the eyeball by Maison, and loads of other miscellaneous bruises and scratches.

Maison tipped a lawn chair and busted his lip really bad and smashed his finger, was hit in the head with a flying Skeeball ball, hit his head on the slide, had his finger pinched in a cabinet, head banged with mom, and lots of other misc. head bangs. That thing just gets in the way.

The other night, we had a water gun fight. Madeline and Thor ganged up on me & Maison. Maison was my partner-slash-shield. The kids loved it, except Maison when he was my shield. And Madeline when I accidentally got her in her eye. They got me pretty good considering the guns were just tiny little things from the Target dollar bins.

The kids had another trip to the zoo. With dad this time. While I went to a convention thingy and got lots of good skin stuff.

Madeline had a thing about her pudding. Thor was teasing that he was going to eat hers. It took us a while to notice that she was actually standing in front of, GUARDING, the refrigerator. We assured her that her pudding would be just fine, but she nearly broke down. Last week she whacked Thor for eating the last few bites of the ice cream. She's definitely her mother's daughter.

I think Madeline's going to need a bigger bed soon. Her feet almost touch the bottom. And with all of the toys she keeps in there I get claustrophobic just looking at her.

We had another fun trip to Chuck E Cheese. This time we met Jen and her kids. I can't believe the tokens we went through. Maison ran around like a mad man following the big kids and wandering off by himself too. Shorty was hard to find when he did that.

We have a new addition. Thor's such a proud papa. (It's a jalapeno)

Thor and I got to have a movie/lunch date. We saw Hangover, which was pretty funny. I think the last movie I saw in a theater was the third Lord of the Rings. Sad. This was definitely a nice break. Lunch without having to tip extra to make up for the mess on the floor and a non-cartoon movie. And I got my Milkduds. Perfect.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So I busted her in the lip

Today we were supposed to take Madeline to tumbling, but Maison has had a runny nose since yesterday and I chose to not spread his possible germs around and kept them both at home. But he's fine. He was crabby yesterday, but felt fine today. And his nose is even less leaky. Yesterday, he'd sneeze and snot would shoot all the way down to his shirt. I've never seen so much snot come out of a nose.

I didn't let him play outside yesterday, thinking he may be getting sick, but we were outside lots today. The weather was so nice with the clouds and all. I cleaned off the patio while the kids played. Then we came in and Madeline played with her playdoh, Maison ate some playdoh, and I hung some pictures. I think I finally have an idea of how I want to hang some of my pictures. I've been going over different layouts in my head for almost three weeks. Seriously, this stuff does not come easy. And when it does come...well...I'm not going to show what I hung.

After dinner, we went back outside to hang out. Madeline begged Thor to get the helium tank out and blow some balloons up. They like to let them go and watch them fly away. Not good for the environment, I know, and I try to tell them, but they don't care. Although I think they only let 2 go this time and one was an accident. So maybe I've made Thor feel a little, teeny, tiny bit guilty? Probably not.

Madeline handed me her balloon to hold while she got another one from Thor. I was throwing Sophie's bone for her, since she was demanding loudly that I do so (even the dog bosses me around). The balloon was in my right hand, so I had to throw with my left hand, and I somehow chucked Sophie's half-chewed rawhide bone right into Madeline's face, just feet in front of me. She was horrified. It was weird. I thought I knocked out a tooth because it was bleeding more than I expected, but it just cut the outside of her lip and underneath too. She just asked me, "Mom, what happened? Why did you do that?" I felt horrible. But she got over it quickly. And we went out front to play on the driveway, where I convinced her to let me take a picture of her fatty boombatty lip. She even put on the pitiful puppy dog face for me.

She was really well behaved the rest of the night. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Oh my, I missed my Wednesday Wanderings. I started to write them, but can't finish it. My brain is just stuck. What can I say? It happens. I still can't think of anything interesting to write about, so I guess I'll just tell you how my husband left and went to San Diego without me. Waaaaahhh. They took a guy's trip, which I have no problem with, but I'm still JEALOUS. I mean, come on. And he keeps sending me pictures of the sunsets and the view from the room. Ha!

At least the weather is so incredibly nice here this weekend that I can close my eyes and pretend I'm there too. For a second.

We've stayed busy. We went to the zoo on Friday, which Maison LOVED. Madeline loved it too. Her absolute favorite part wasn't the orangutan or the fossas or the lion or the alligators. It was the goldfish pond. Silly girl. She cried when I wouldn't make a second trip back to see the fish, so I had to promise her that we'd go to Petsmart soon to look at the fish there. A sad thing though, was that their male lion ate a football that was thrown over the fence and had died the night before.

Madeline was EXTRA rambunctious today. She stared me down when we were out eating pizza with my parents. I was telling her to stop spitting or keep her fingers out of her ranch or something, I can't remember exactly. I almost started to laugh, but held it in. But I didn't know what to do with her. At home it'd be time out. In public like that? Clueless. I ended up grabbing her and taking her into the bathroom, which was right there. Some how telling her to knock it off in the bathroom worked much better than telling her the same thing at the table.

Speaking of rambuctuality, I would think that Maison would thank me for changing his stinky pants. I AM doing him a favor. I sure don't get anything out of it (besides not being turned into child protective services, of course). Instead he acts like I'm torchuring him and how dare I interupt him for such a thing.

How about some random pics to round out my random post?