Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting my referral on

So, I'm diggin' Swagbucks and want to pass it on in case anyone else wants to try it (plus it gets me more points, of course!).

I signed up and installed their search toolbar. There's no funny business AT ALL- no spam emails, no pop-ups, nothing. Then I use the toolbar to do my regular searches (facebook, google reader, bank, etc.). I just take the two seconds to type it in like a search instead of using my Favorites buttons.

I randomly get rewarded points here and there with my search results. And there's other ways to get a few points here and there on their website, blog and fb page.

I've earned $35 in amazon gift cards over the last 3 months or so. Not a huge amount of money or anything, but not bad for just doing my regular online searches. I do have Thor's computer signed up, so I get points from his searches too, but he's only earned a $5 card so far. He's not an internet nerd like me.

I used my GC's to buy an Nike+ exercise thingy & some songs for my Ipod.

So, if you want to try it, here's the link. And don't forget to install the toolbar!!

Oh, and I also subscribe to this blog that posts when bonus points are given on the Swagbucks blog and their facebook page.

Now get to earning me points, people! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloggity blog blog

Oh my, how Maison has changed. Still no real clear words but he talks and talks. Sounds like a gremlin. So adorable. Conversations between him and Madeline are like this:

Madeline: Maison, come up here. Let's blah blah blah.
Maison: gremlin talk
Madeline: Okay.

Madeline: Maison, come on! Let's go look for ladybugs!
Maison: gremlin talk

He does say ball, bug, bus, cheese, that, dog, popsicle and spongebob. But if you're not me you wouldn't understand those either.

His coordination has stepped up. He can run really fast, pedal his tricycle (it takes forever to get around the block because he has to stop to look at all the trucks), and today he conquered all fears of the playground. He was even waving hi to other little little kids. At first I thought he was being mean wiggling his hand right in their faces.

Naps are mostly optional these days. After a few straight days of napping he needs a day awake. And after two days of no naps he NEEDS a nap. It's nice to have more flexibility in our schedule.

Oh, and BYE BYE BINKI. So not a big deal with this kid. He didn't even notice the first night. And then he cried a little bit for a couple of nights. Then it was just a hung head and super pouty points to his mouth for a few nights after that.

We shaved his head and it made his belly look bigger. He outgrew his shoes and flat out REFUSED to wear three new pairs. I of course, want him to wear super hip name-brand shoes that his big cousins would be proud of. Turns out he prefers Dragon light-up sneakers from Wal-mart. Now he's showing everyone, even strangers, his cool light up shoes. Maybe it's the shoes making his belly look bigger.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Too lazy to go to bed

Weird, but not unusual.
I don't want to turn off the lights, put the dog away, and walk down the hallway
but I'll pay for it tomorrow at 6:30 AM when Madeline wakes me up.
Then my mom will pay for it when I'm late picking her up.
We're going to go for a walk.
Maybe I'll take the tricycle instead of the stroller. But can I push it and walk Sophie at the same time? Hmmm... decisions, decisions.
I think my brain has hit a wall.
I can't think of anything to post on my blog.
Everyday is busy, but there's nothing to post. That can't be.
Madeline is in swim lessons.
And except for her fear of getting water on her eyes, is having lots of fun.
I've bribed her twice with ice cream to keep her going after her teacher dunked her.
He doesn't dunk her anymore.
Maison is becoming very interested in the toilet,
but his fingers got slammed in the seat yesterday and now he's terrified of it.
Last night, all by himself, he tucked his shirt under his chin and walked back to lean his belly on the toilet while he peed in his diaper.
So funny.
One day I was on the phone and by the time I had gotten off, the kids had cleaned up the toy room.
That was REALLY STRANGE. And it hasn't happened since.
I'm trying to teach my body to j.o.g.
It's not a very good student.
Mostly my allergies are killing me with all this wind, so my workouts have been on and off (trying to go the free route with no gym membership).
We got two houses rented out.
Takes some stress off.
Guess I'll suck it up and head to bed now.