Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Oh my, how Maison has changed. Still no real clear words but he talks and talks. Sounds like a gremlin. So adorable. Conversations between him and Madeline are like this:

Madeline: Maison, come up here. Let's blah blah blah.
Maison: gremlin talk
Madeline: Okay.

Madeline: Maison, come on! Let's go look for ladybugs!
Maison: gremlin talk

He does say ball, bug, bus, cheese, that, dog, popsicle and spongebob. But if you're not me you wouldn't understand those either.

His coordination has stepped up. He can run really fast, pedal his tricycle (it takes forever to get around the block because he has to stop to look at all the trucks), and today he conquered all fears of the playground. He was even waving hi to other little little kids. At first I thought he was being mean wiggling his hand right in their faces.

Naps are mostly optional these days. After a few straight days of napping he needs a day awake. And after two days of no naps he NEEDS a nap. It's nice to have more flexibility in our schedule.

Oh, and BYE BYE BINKI. So not a big deal with this kid. He didn't even notice the first night. And then he cried a little bit for a couple of nights. Then it was just a hung head and super pouty points to his mouth for a few nights after that.

We shaved his head and it made his belly look bigger. He outgrew his shoes and flat out REFUSED to wear three new pairs. I of course, want him to wear super hip name-brand shoes that his big cousins would be proud of. Turns out he prefers Dragon light-up sneakers from Wal-mart. Now he's showing everyone, even strangers, his cool light up shoes. Maybe it's the shoes making his belly look bigger.

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