Friday, October 7, 2011

35. WHaaaa! (First Day of School)

August 30th

My big girl started kindergarten today and of course I was a nervous mess. She loved every minute of it though. Her teacher is Mrs. Berry and there are 22 kids in her class. She shares a table with 2 boys and a girl and is learning letters, sounds, and some words.

34. Candyland

August 26th

Today they initiated their first ever kids-only game of Candyland. I was so proud that my kiddos were being so independent.

33. Oh Sammy

August 20th

I was lucky enough to go visit my brand new baby cousin in Chicago this week. He's such a tiny little bundle.

32. Big Boy Bed

August 13th

My little man looks so tiny in his new big boy bed. I can barely tell he's in there when I check on him at night. He picked blue Star Wars bedding out at Target. We had to put up a railing because he fell out a few times (I think it's the same railing that was on my bed when I was a little little).

31. Go-Carts

August 2nd

Fun at the Mini Grand Prix. It was hot hot hot, as you can see by Madeline pink cheekies, but the kids didn't notice. Madeline and Ian had a REALLY fast car and Maison and I were in a put-put. They lapped us at least once. Max got to ride by himself and was in a fast car too.