Friday, March 25, 2011

12. Camera hog

March 24th

Madeline had a nightime soccer game this week. 7:00 at night- that's like bedtime, seriously. And it was FREEZING outside. Maison was being such a ham. For the first time ever he was commanding the attention of my camera. Even striking silly little poses and asking to have his picture taken. Maybe I'll finally start getting more un-blurry pictures of the kid. Please don't mind his hacked up hairdo. I get what I pay for and it was free. By me. Hehe. At one point Thor said it looked like I cut around a bowl on his head that had slid off to one side. Haha.

11. Legos!

March 16th

One of our most fun accomplishments this week was a Lego tower that reached from the coffee table to the ceiling. It took MANY tries and we laughed every time it fell.

10. Childhood toys

March 12th

Madeline had her very first soccer game this week! She's number 6. It's so funny to watch these little girls play. And it's hard not to get really into it. All of the parents do. I tell myself NOT to yell to the girls in the field, but it's completely uncontrollable. "Get that ball! Take it from them! Kick it Kick it!" And once they do get it they kick it toward the wrong goal. Freakin' hilarious.

9. Express yourself

February 27th

I can't help but love this picture of Max just home from dirtbiking, flying down the street on his little cousins blue and pink bike with handlebar tassels flying. Showing Madeline how it's done.

8. The view from here

February 25th

My baby girl turned 5 this week!

She was set on having her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese until she learned she could have a pinata if we had the party at home. My girl loves her some CANDY, so she chose the pinata. That morning we picked Thor up at work for a quick breakfast, then headed over to Walmart to pick out her new big bike- she picked a blue one and is practicing to ride without training wheels.