Friday, March 25, 2011

12. Camera hog

March 24th

Madeline had a nightime soccer game this week. 7:00 at night- that's like bedtime, seriously. And it was FREEZING outside. Maison was being such a ham. For the first time ever he was commanding the attention of my camera. Even striking silly little poses and asking to have his picture taken. Maybe I'll finally start getting more un-blurry pictures of the kid. Please don't mind his hacked up hairdo. I get what I pay for and it was free. By me. Hehe. At one point Thor said it looked like I cut around a bowl on his head that had slid off to one side. Haha.


Maryann said...

he is too handsome!! that pic on top is awesome!!

Lesley Barr Photography said...

Love!!! I too, hacked up Heaten's hair this week. Oops. At least it grows back fast. =)