Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We have worms

I came down with the flu on Sunday and told Madeline that I couldn't kiss her because I had too many bad germs. She spent the next little while inspecting my mouth for worms. And had me make sure there weren't any worms on her tongue.

Now it's Tuesday. I'm feeling better, not 100%, but better. Everyone else though, not so good. It's a big bad fever bug. After Tylenol, Thor is around 103, Maison's between 104 & 105, Madeline is only at about 100, but she threw up for the first time ever, all over herself, me, the couch, her star blanket. She kept crying, saying, "Mommy, what's happening!? What is this!?".

At least I got it first, so now I can take care of everyone else. And, at least it's far enough from vacation for us all to get well before we leave.


Millisa said...

worms suck :( i am sorry you are all not doing well... hopefully it passes super fast; right in time for the vacay :)

Angela said...

Ugh...fevers that hi are so scary. Hope the family is on the mend.