Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. Most awesomest mom of the week: the woman who was caught driving, while talking on her cell phone, and breastfeeding her newborn baby. You go girl!

2. I finally made Madeline more popsicles. Plain yogurt, bananas, blueberries, frozen oj, vanilla and apple pie spice. She likes them because she thinks they're dessert. I like them because they're just fruit and yogurt. She eats the ones with blue sticks first, then the pink, then the red, the green and the orange ones last.

3. Now that Maison can walk, he thinks he can run. But he falls. He's such a shorty toddling around.

4. Madeline has turned into a big, big helper this week. Wanting to help with everything. She even offered to go get Maison when he woke up from his nap. We've been pretend playing a lot. She likes to be my mom and tuck me into bed with my pillow and blanket and dollies (which is more than fine by me), she pats my back and kisses my forehead. Yesterday, while I was in my nap, she jumped on her princess car and got me Starbucks- she went through the drive through.

5. We had Madeline's birthday party on Saturday. Pizza and wings and my pretty cute big cupcake cakes. It was fun. I think most of the adults left with serious allergies, though (partly due to me not wiping the pollen dust off of the patio furniture until after people sat down and got comfortable, I'm sure). Why don't allergies affect kids as much as they do adults?

6. Speaking of allergies. I'm irritated that the weather is so, so nice, and I've had to barricade us inside our house because I'm seriously allergic to something(s) in my neighborhood. I woke up the other day with eyes so red and itchy and watery that I looked up the symptoms of red eye and thought I needed to go to the doctor. They got better with some Claritin, though.

7. I took the kids to Office Max and Petsmart today. I carried Maison through Office Max and then walked next door to get the cat food. Little dude is HEA-VY. I can't believe he is just average height and weight for his age. He seems like such a chunker. He kept talking to the kitties in the adoption center and turning and trying to stand up in the cart. And Madeline scared a frog, which scared us both when it jumped into the water.

8. Bye, agillators!


Kristy said...

I want a picture of the cute cupcakes!! Happy Birthday Miss Maddie!! Now, I agree that is one hell of a mom!! I wonder what the ticket for that would be. The officer would be like, Um Mam you need to get the baby off your boob :)
Oh, I forgot to answer you OBKB doesn't really stand for anything, it is just like OK with some B'S!!
Oh lastly Ange has her bows :)

Millisa said...

i wanna see these cutie cupcakes too!! i loved your first line to start this post :) i can always leave it to your blog to make me literate everything so well; whether it be funny or serious!