Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. This past week has been a Junk Food Fest. We normally go out to eat about once a week, either a dinner or a breakfast. And about twice a month I'll have some kind of nasty fast food. This past week, just last Thursday-Sunday actually, we had Jack in the Crack, Chapala's, Omelet House, Pizza and wings, Jack in the Crack again, and Quiznos. Gross me out. We spent our entire month's eating out budget in four days.

2. Madeline has stopped the incesstant repeating. But it has been replaced with stuttering, bossiness, and arguing.

3. We went out to the park Sunday morning to take a walk and feed the ducks. It was a nice little outing. The 3 year old trailing us while throwing a screaming, yelling, fit about not being able to go on the slides (our 3 year old) put a little damper on it, but she seemed to bother the people trying to fish more than us. And she cooled off once Thor started to throw the bread to the ducks. Our old, frozen bread was not up to the ducks high standards, though, and they left most of it floating in the lake. But Maison thought it was tasty.

It looks like he's about to drive into the lake, but the tricycle is actually keeping him put.

4. My proudest mommy moment of the week is when I found the new bottle of infant tylenol that had been missing for the last week and a half. I found it in the toy box. I should be fired.

5. I ignored my allergies and took the kids to the park twice this week to play. It's so nice to just be able to let Madeline go. She has enough coordination to go where she wants without me having to follow her around as closely as I used to. Maison loves it, too. He likes to crawl up the steps to the highest spots (with me following, of course). He watches all of the other kids with amazement and gets so excited when they run past him.

5. We closed on our new rental house. At least we'll always have somewhere to live. :)

6. I drive further than necessary to go to the Target that has a Starbucks inside.

7. Tonight's dinner: breaded pork chops, rolls, corn on the cob, and pumpkin pie. Much better than Crack in the Jack.


Millisa said...


loves these posts...the randomness of it all...i need to do some lie that...tonights dinner kinda sounds like a pork version of thanksgiving :) sounds yum-o!

Lesley said...

Love #4. Like the time I let my babies play with adult advil thinking they could NEVER get the babyproof lid off. Next thing you know we're in the ER.

Where is that wonderful park??

Why must fast food taste SO good. =(