Friday, March 20, 2009


was gorgeous.

Madeline woke up a little late due to her middle of the night waking with the complaint that her "leg is tired".

I took the kids to visit some friends at my old workplace. The kids LOVED Tina's little tiny dogs. I especially liked Tink, the teacup Yorkie.

the kids took good naps.

Madeline ate HN Cheerios, part of a banana, some dry plain Cheerios, 1 1/2 PBJs, some green grapes, a granola bar, one bite of a sloppy joe, a ham sandwich, some tater tots, and a yogurt popsicle.

I went to an Allergist. He did not test me for allergies. We did it the easy way and he just told me that I was allergic to trees, grass, and weeds. He gave me Pregnisone to help my breathing problem and some Nasonex for my other problems. I hope they work.

I waxed somebody's eyebrows.

I sprayed off the patio toys and furniture with the hose while the kids and dog played and got everything muddy.

we swung on the swingset. Madeline is loving it now that she is comfortable on the big kid swings. Now she wants to be pushed "high, high, high!". Makes me a little nervous.

ended with dinner for Maison, baths, Madeline's bang trim (too short! like always) and bed.

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Angela said...

Yay for getting the allergies under control! Yes, yesterday was gorgeous. Too bad the wind had to rear its ugly head today.'s going to be 110 degrees before we know it.