Monday, June 16, 2008


- I painted 35 stripes on Maison's wall, and Madeline only touched one

- I think I may have forgotten to brush my hair
- Maison was the poopin-ist, for the first time ever
- Maison got a bath, which he hated
- Madeline was a very good girl
- We told Madeline to run a lap around the backyard and she did it, for a bottle
- I made BBQ pork sandwiches and cornbread, and it was yummy
- Maison missed 2 of his 3 naps and was not a happy boy by bedtime
- Madeline used her potty chair 4 times
- We played the Monster's Inc. DVD 5 times in a row, maybe even more
- Maison loved his exersaucer thingy while I painted stripes

- Madeline had me hug and kiss both of her bears before she went to bed
- Thor worked and came home tired, and didn't want to watch Monster's Inc.
- Madeline had me wanting to cut my ears off. She's speaking sentences now.
- My house became a complete disaster due to my ignoring it while I painted


Angela said...

Oh Jes, it turned out so good! You did that without Thor's help and while chasing two kiddies? You go girl. I need to come see the finished product.
Now go brush your hair...=)

Millisa said...

so you're gonna come help me do my house when we move into the new one right....? :) for reals, though...serious...?