Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Crayon and a Tooth

The crayon-

This morning while I was making breakfast, I checked on my too quiet Madeline and found her in the corner drawing on her legs and feet with a pen. So, because I'm such a good mom, I took the pen, made her scream bloody murder, gave her some crayons and paper and told her to color on the paper and paper only, and went back to making breakfast (yummy french toast).

I don't know, maybe like 3 minutes later, she came in the kitchen and said Stuck and pointed to her nose. No freakin' way. I said "you put crayon in your nose?" uh huh. "Really? there's crayon stuck in your nose??" uh huh. "Hunny, crayons don't go in your nose!! There's really crayon in your nose???" Wahhhhh! (I must have scared her, go figure). This is where I panicked, grabbed a flashlight and yep, there was a piece of green crayon in her nose.

I thought about using tweezers, but called the doc instead. They sent me to voicemail- a holes, so I called my mommy. Before she answered I had a HUGE brainstorm and got a kleenex and asked Madeline to blow. It came right out, whattaya know. Thank goodness, but my brain sure could have shot out that solution a little sooner, if you ask me.

And the tooth-

I can feel one tiny point of one tiny bottom tooth in Maison's mouth. So he is cutting his first tooth. That's all. Much less dramatic than the crayon.


lesleysmeshly said...

Madeline is very inventive huh. =) Sorry for the teething...we are still in the pits of teething hell here as well.

Millisa said...

haha!! how funny...Levi stuck and M&M up his nose...only he never told us...and when blue fluid started coming out we were totally freaked!! he also stuck a pinto bean up there too! sorry for little guy's teething...we are having some hard times too with that...nolan has ALL of his back teeth coming in at ONE time...8 of them!!!!! his mouth is just full of swollen gums and little sharp white pieces poking through...he's miserable :(