Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flower Girl

Madeline is LOVING flowers lately. When we go on walks she wants to pick them from everybody's yards. She does get them from my mom's house and my grandparent's house. Even her bedroom is decorated with flowers, but that's just a coincidence. Unfortunately the only flowers we have in our yard are dandelions, but at least she's taking care of the weeds for us. Every time I turn around there's a shriveled dandelion sitting on my floor.

I just had a vision of a dandelion sitting on my floor, on its little dandelion butt. I must be tired because that was really funny.

Isn't my picture lovely. I think it's lovely. Too bad the flower is just a weed. I'll never get her to stand still and look in the camera like that again.


Millisa said...

wow! gorgeous picture jess....i'm jealous :) still can't do that with my camera....i'm lame

Kristy said...

That is a perfect picture of her! I love her eyes! I wish I could get a pic like that!

Angela said...

Beautiful pic of a beautiful little girl..even the "weed" is beautiful! Good job.=)

lesleysmeshly said...

Beautiful photo. She looks gorgeous. That one is for printing and framing. Great job!!!