Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I ♥ Vertigo

This is supposed to be my I ♥ San Diego post, but I'm too busy ♥ing vertigo right now. It's very strange. The doc said that "there is a disfunction in my body's balancing system caused either by a virus or just some sort of blockage in (some kind of gland or something in my ear)." I have motion sickness from just having my eyes open. Also per the doc, it should go away in a few days. He prescribed the motion sickness patch, but so far does not seem to be working all that wonderfully.

I, once again, being the worry wart that I am and thinking I'm going to die from a horrible infection, went to the doc without waiting it out a couple days, and paid my $75 copay to be told that it'll just go away on it own. Just like I've paid 2 plumbers and an air conditioning tech this year to be told that my heater was not broken, and that my house was not going to collapse in a giant sinkhole caused by a leaky drain pipe.



Millisa said...

ugh! i know exactly how you feel...i had a bad case of vertigo that started about 2 weeks before my wedding and i still had it slightly on my wedding day....was the weirdest/most miserable thing ever...but it will go away...i, did you still go to san diego...?

Satia said...

I have vertigo and medicine didn't help me either. I have had to learn to listen to my feet, if that makes sense (which it probably does to anyone who has had vertigo for any length of time). If my head and eyes say that the room or world is tilting and I start adjusting for that tilt, my feet tell me "Uh oh. This isn't right."

Yoga and qi gong have helped me a great deal in this regard. Hatha yoga is especially helpful because holding the pose gives me the chance to really feel centered. Qi gong, because it is slower than tai chi, also helped tremendously. The gradual movements, shifting the weight from one foot to another, slow twists also reinforced my learning to listen to my feet. I hope you recover quickly. Living with vertigo can be miserable.

Satia said...

Also, I meant to say that you might look into homeopathic and herbal helps. There are many alternative forms for helping relieve some of the symptoms and reduce the sensation of spinning.

Damon Lawson said...

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