Thursday, May 8, 2008

Madeline's Dentist Visit

Madeline had her first dentist appointment today and she was so, so, so good. She kept her mouth open really wide while they cleaned and counted her teeth. Except after she noticed that the cleaning tool tickled her tongue, then she kept trying to put her tongue on it and a 2nd hygienist had to come in and hold it out of the way. It was funny to see the hygienist try to explain to her how to bite down slowly on the x-ray paper. She's 2, she totally didn't understand.

I felt like I was in mini-world because it was a children's dentist and everything was in miniature. The little patient chair was so cute. Even the visitor's chair was like the kind the kids sit in in preschool, which I thought was strange- aren't parents the ones always sitting there? My bootie felt huge in it.

I'm sure the hygienist thought I was wacko snapping my pictures, but hey, the first dental appointment is a big deal in my book. And she just looked like such a big girl.

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