Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sleep Training

I hate sleep training and I don't do it well. I lack consistency. I put Maison down when he's "drowsy but awake" (per The Books) and he almost goes to sleep, but then he starts to fuss so I go in and put his binky back in his mouth or rub his belly, rub his face, or let him hold my hand (finger) until he's nearly asleep again. After the 3rd or 4th time going in, I finally pick him up, cradle him close and feel his whole body relax, "ahhh, this is where I'm supposed to be." Then he's asleep in seconds. I just can't resist. It IS where he's supposed to be.

I figure that I must do something right, because Madeline puts herself to sleep fantastically and has been for about a year (with just a few blips in between). So if I can just make it through the next 8 months, 240 nights, bedtime will be cake.


Angela said... sweet. My advice? Trash the books. Mama always knows best!

Millisa said...

I agree with the above comment! Soak up that he wants you for comfort and snuggle time...that's the best stuff in life...Nolan is 16months old, and to be honest, I still rock gives me such a peace and makes me stop and relax throughout the day and take in the precious time that will be gone all too soon...example, my oldest would never in a million years let me rock him now! haha! you're doing great!! hang in there :)