Monday, May 5, 2008

Maison Rolled Over!

Really, this time. Stomach to back. Last time was just a fake out- he was on a slope.

I don't put him on his stomach much because he's not a big fan of the position. But today he was kicking and moving so much while on his back I almost thought he was going to roll over that way, so I put him on his belly to see what he could do. Right away he started kicking and I could just see that it was going to happen, so I ran the 12 steps to get the video camera- and, of course, when I turned back around he was already over on his back. Luckily, I flipped him back over, turned on the camera and he did it one more time for me (what a good boy!). Then he was done doing tricks and wanted to be picked up.

He's getting so big so fast. I'm just in love with how cute he is. I could never picture myself with a baby boy, bugs and mud and gross stuff like that always came to mind, but now every time I see a baby boy I melt. Maison has the best round head I've ever seen. When I rock him I rub his head- it just fits so well in my hand. And he still curls his legs up to his chest when I pick him up and put him on my chest after he's been sleeping, like a newborn. I just love it.

On to other, Madeline, stuff...

Oh, the DRAMA!!! I think I'm pretty lucky as far as Madeline's temperament goes. I always call her crazy and a maniac and whatnot, but really she's a very good, very cuddly girl. She has her moments everyday, but they don't last long. Even while she's throwing a fit she listens to what I say, so I can usually distract her from whatever it is she's screaming about ("oh my goodness, come here quick, I think I see your binky under the toy box!"). And she'll even listen to reasoning sometimes ("honey, look at the trees, it's way too windy to go outside..."), which I think is pretty good for a 2 year old.

But TODAY, oh my goodness, fits, fits and more fits. About, I don't even know what. About cookies and binkis and bubbles and balloons, about her lunch and throwing shoes and her squirt bottle, and books of mine, and the cat not coming in the house, and going outside and coming inside. Nearly everything that happened today had a fit involved somehow. Although I did make it to the grocery store and back with no incidents- an hour and a half w/ Maison in the chest pack. He actually spit up on the floor in one of the aisles- gross (yes, I cleaned up). And Madeline kept saying "ew, guy, yucky," loudly, about the man in front of us in line. I really need to stop feeling guilty about not going to the gym, that is exercise enough I tell ya.

And, I just want to mention how cute toddler talk is. I'm just fascinated by the learning process Madeline is going through learning to speak.

She calls herself "you" and she calls me "me". She says "thank you" when you give her anything- even something she doesn't want. She says "sorry" to me if I accidentally bump or hurt her and she says "okay" instead of yes which is fine if I ask her if she wants more water, but funny if I ask her if she bumped her head. She calls all big things "mommy", all trucks and most men "daddy", all little things "baby". She calls for things while she looks for them, like I call for her or the cat- "stool! stool!". "The park is "swing-slide", water is "ice". She says "whoooooaaa" when we turn corners in the car. Just too cute.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Unfortunately, I forgot the margarita mix at the grocery store today, so we weren't able to celebrate properly.

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Millisa said...

YAY!! he accomplished such a big feat! How cute are they! I love your stories and especially the sequence of events with Madeline...she is so adorable...and yes, we did have weight training together now that you mention it...for reals, i barely remember ANYTHING from high school...what else is new with you? where are you living..? have a great day!! :)