Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mamas!

I hope everyone had a good one. We had a little brunch here at our house with family. Good food and the kids all had a blast. Madeline was POOOOPED when it was over. When I put her down for her nap, she asked for her babydoll, and by the time I walked out to the patio to grab it and got back to her room she was fast asleep. She ran her little butt off with the big kids. The big kids are great with her and include her in everything, which is really nice.

Here's something that I remembered today as I was trying to find something to wear that fit my milk boobies and my mama hips, and didn't show my poochie belly. A wise old woman once told me to make sure I took a picture of myself naked before I got pregnant because I'd never see my body like that again. Well, it wasn't really an old lady, just a friend who had already had a baby, but she'll be a wise old lady someday (before me!). Anyways, I didn't do it, I thought I had a fat ass back then anyways. Now I do kinda wish I could look back and compare. Not that it'd do any good for my self esteem now, but it'd be funny to see how differently I used to think I looked, compared to what I think when I look back. I'm not boohooing about my post-baby body, I'm very thankful for how I made it through pregnancy, I just can't believe that I used to be selfconcious.

Oh, here's another nice note. This funny thought kept jiggling around in my brain today, too. That someday my kids are going to look at pictures of me taken now and say, "Oh my gosh mom! You look so young here!" or "Wow mom, you used to be so pretty!". What brats. Why do we have kids again??

I must be feeling old today. I'm feeling like mother's day isn't for me. I'm not the mother, I'm the kid. What the heck happened?

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Angela said...

Happy Mother's Day! I can so relate to your post and the post- pregnancy issues. I look back at pics of myself just a couple of years ago and NOW realize that I looked so be that slim now. And of course I saw myself as anything but slim. This is what I tell myself, in ten years from now I'm going to look back at myself right now and think the same thing. For the record...YOU LOOK GREAT MAMA!