Thursday, May 22, 2008

I ♥ San Diego

I really, really do love San Diego. I don't know how anyone couldn't. Someday I will live there or at least spend a good amount of my time there. That's one of my long-term life goals. Guess I better step up my Ebay-ing.

The weather was FANTASTIC! The past 2 Mays that we've gone, we've had crappy, cold, gloomy weather, but this year was the absolute perfect, adults sitting on the beach, kids playing in the water, weather. We always stay at the same hotel, right on the boardwalk, all together (us plus my parents and my 2 nephews) in a 2 bd 2 ba suite with a kitchen and washer and dryer. It's definitely not a fancy hotel (The Beach Cottages), but comfortable and very convenient.

Here's my dad in his quest for "the all over perfect tan".

We played on the beach everyday. The boys learned to boogie board and got really good at it. Madeline loved running from the waves and playing in the sand. I didn't bring her any swimwear because I didn't think she'd want to get wet, but she did. She was wearing sweat capris the first day and it was incredible how much wet sand they could hold. I ended up buying her some swim trunks that had to be held on with a ponytail holder because they were way too big.

The kids & I followed my parents and my nephews there and back, which was pretty tedious. Between the boy's potty breaks and Maison's feedings, it took us 7 hours both ways. I think I remember me & Thor making it in 4 1/2 hours the first time we drove, so this trip was much longer. Madeline did very well, she's always been a good car rider. I haven't had to resort to the in-car DVD player yet, so she just be-bopped to music and stared out the window. Maison is not quite as easygoing as she is, and had a tougher time with the long ride.

Thor was able to arrange his schedule so he could join us for a couple of days. He flew in Friday evening and flew back to Vegas on Sunday afternoon. The rest of us didn't leave until Monday afternoon. Here he is chillin' on the patio of our hotel room.

When we weren't out on the beach, we were in the hotel room playing Wii. OMG- so fun and I'm not a video game lover at all. I am convinced, however, that the Wii was developed by Chiropractors to drum up business by getting all of us old, sedentary fogies to play 12 games of virtual bowling, 4 games of virtual golf and 3 games of virtual tennis within a very short time span, so we'd end up with carpel tunnel, and cricks in our necks, backs, and elbows.

Ms. Thang had an absolute blast. She loved the sand and the water and playing with her cousins. She learned lots and seems like a different girl now that we're home. Her new favorite thing to say is- "stay here, I'll do it." She tried it to go in the ocean- uh sorry, but no way. And today she tried it to put herself down for her nap- she couldn't get into her crib, but would have been nice for me. And she tried it to get Maison up from his nap- again with the crib problem.

She is also now playing around with plugging her ears while singing and talking to herself because it sounds funny.

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Angela said...

Glad you had a great vacation. Ditto on loving San Diego. Hope the vertigo didn't hit until you got home. Are you feeling better?
Such cutie babies and kiddies =)