Monday, May 26, 2008

Maison's 1st Cereal

We started Maison on cereal yesterday. I've been meaning to start since he turned 4 months, but time just flies by. It's so different from when Madeline was a baby. With her it seemed like it took so long for everything. When she was 4 months, she already seemed like such a big girl. I still think of Maison like he's a newborn.

And I have already forgotten everything from when Madeline was a baby. Can I start him on oatmeal cereal instead of rice (since that's what's in my cupboard)? How much should I feed him? How do I mix it? Etc., etc....

Well, I decided the oatmeal wasn't going to hurt him. Yesterday he didn't get much down, but it was my fault. I had him in the bumbo, which I think sat him up too straight, and I mixed the cereal too thick. Today we did much better. I stuck him in the bouncy chair and mixed the cereal up nice and liquidy. After a few bites, he actually started opening his mouth when he'd see the spoon. Then he'd make the funniest, disgusted looking face once the cereal was in his mouth.

Here's a picture of one of his first bites:


Millisa said...

awe...i love it! is he starting to like it more...? your babies are so adorable...truly...on a side note, what kind of camera do you have...? i just bought a Nikon D60 (with 2 lenses) and am trying to get theat "blurry" effect behind my photos....any secrets...? do you use a DSLR..?

lesleysmeshly said...

Ok, seriously...could he look any more like Thor?!?!? Little Mini Thor.