Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday's Wednesday Wanderings

I have a lot of catching up to do. I started to write last week's wanderings, but ran out of time to finish and post them before our vacation. And my brain just isn't into the whole writing thing lately. Here's a review of the last few weeks, minus our vacation which I'll post separately because there are lots of pictures. I think I've developed camera induced carpel tunnel.

We're all well and good to go. Thank goodness. It took Thor a really long time to get over being sick. And we think the antibiotics he was on were making him feel funny, so that didn't help. I took Maison to the doctor to follow up on his seizure and his doctor was actually surprised that we went to the hospital. I guess that kind of seizure is just not that big of a deal. We've been in the midst of some serious teething for a while now. I couldn't decide if it was Maison's eye teeth or his molars coming in, but I just noticed that he cut both of his top eye teeth and both of his top molars. Now I think he's working on the bottom sets. His binki does not leave his mouth without a fit and I can barely put him down. He is constantly pulling and crying at my legs.

Maison got his first haircut. Now he's a big boy. It's really short, military style. I don't know ANYTHING about boy's haircuts, so I didn't know what to ask for. I would have liked it a little longer, but I really can't imagine she could've done much else with him screaming and squirming all over the place. He does look handsome though.

Today is our 9th anniversary. We didn't do anything special. Thor must have forgotten to give me the card that I know is in his truck. Unless that card is for someone else (uht oh). I made Filet Oscar for dinner. My Bearnaise sauce looked really good until I covered it with tinfoil to keep it warm. When I took off the foil, it looked like it had either curdled or separated or both. But we ate it anyways, we're adventurous like that. It tasted like butter. And I had a glass of wine from a bottle that has been opened in my fridge for I don't know how long. It really tasted fine. My belly's not feeling all that great right now though.

According to spell check, I do not know how to spell separately. Thank goodness for spell check.

Madeline's on a Little Mermaid kick. She sings the ahahah's from the voice taking scene all day and into the night. We've heard her singing until after 9:30 the last 2 nights. I like the movie and all, but I can't figure out who would think that a story about a 16 year old who runs away from home to get married would make a good children's movie. Usually these movies have some sort of upstanding moral, but I can't find it in this one. Maybe it's that nice people are pretty and mean people are ugly? I don't know.

(her "smile" face is getting better)

We had our sprinkler lines in the backyard redone. We thought we could just have our sprinkler heads replaced because the old ones were in such bad shape, but I guess the lines were all wrong too. And we had to put in new drips so all of our plants could survive the summer. The ones that came with the house were not buried underground, so Madeline and Sophie have been working all winter to rip them up to use as ropes and whips and chew toys. Now we have very pretty lines of manure and grass seed all though our yard and it's making our house a mess. I'm thinking the grass that grows in those lines probably won't match the existing lawn and we'll have permanent trails.

My mom and I decided to start walk/ running around my neighborhood when she gets off work, until it gets too hot out. We'll see how that goes. I have to do something. My booty is expanding exponentially.

A completely unrelated to anything in this post, but nice anyways, picture...


Kristy said...

HE looks so cute with his new hair cut!! I love the picture of her on the swing!!!! You really really make me laugh!!!! So honest :)
I am glad everyone is feeling better!!!

Angela said...

He looks so handsome with his big boy haircut!