Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Wednesday's Wanderings, Again

I am just not on the ball.

I'm mad at UPS because they delivered my package so totally obviously damaged, with the stuff I needed TODAY, missing. Bastards. How am I supposed to (try) to make a firetruck cake without red food coloring?? Errrrrr...

I had lots to say at one point today, but now... nothing.

We went to Target. I bought some tee shirts. Madeline tried to convince me that Daddy wanted some gummy bears. We visited the bathroom, of course. Maison ate the top of a box of vanilla extract. And I had a conversation with the Checker about our dogs.

See, nothing.

I looked up myself on Facebook to see if I come up by my maiden name. I was surprised how many people have my maiden name. I didn't think it was that common of a name. I did not show up though.

Oooh, I finally gave our tax stuff to the CPA.

Next month I'm going to try to plan more kid friendly meals. I'm tired of making 3 dinners every night. Thor and I like spicy. Kids do not.

I literally can't remember what I did yesterday. I didn't do laundry, I know that. My ears are ringing from thinking so hard.

Madeline will not stop wearing these brown corduroy slip on shoes, that are really cute, but getting too small and VERY stinky. i bought them at Walmart, of all places, and can't find anything similar to replace them. Of all the shoes she has (a lot), she'll only wear the too small, stinky brown Walmart ones, or her hand-me-down tennies.

Saturday was spent with family. Susie was in town. Sunday we went to the Scottish Festival. Dad wore his skirt. Madeline wouldn't let go of my mom's hand, and Maison and Ian were grump buckets. It was really nice outside though.

We had buffalo chicken pizza for dinner tonight. Not heathy, at all.

Ok, enough nothings.

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Angela said...

Ugh...that sucks about your package. Who was the firetruck cake for? One of your nephews?
Well, you're ahead of me...I am STILL working on my stoopid taxes!
I, too, am surprised so many people have your maiden name. Don't you miss having a unique last name? I know I do.
Oh and I've been meaning to tell you, I didn't even know you had a scare with Madeline at Marlee's bday party. Worst feeling ever, right?
Dave swears he'll have M swimming before summers over.