Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

This was our first Easter that we dyed eggs. Too bad I forgot that I only had brown eggs, so the colors turned out pretty muddy, but Madeline didn't care. She loved the egg dying and did a great job.

Saturday we had our family's Spring picnic at a park up in Boulder City. It's a super nice park with a couple duck ponds and a little water park, and since the weather was a little wishy-washy, we had the place mostly to ourselves. The kids got to do an Easter Egg hunt to prep them for the big day.

Even Maison got into it and didn't even care that his eggs were empty.

The men hung out all masculine-like.

And we played lots. I spent way too much time on the merry-go-round. I don't know why the kids like that thing so much (barf!).

Madeline loved the big swings. And grandma showed her how to go really, really high.

We even took a little walk up to the fish ponds. Maison rode on his tricycle. He loves that thing and will just sit, relax and look around for so long.

We wore the kids out big-time.

Sunday was very low key. Last year, E.B. came while Madeline was napping and left the kids a little something and hid a few plastic eggs with little toys and boring ol' crackers inside. This time he was nicer and left candy in the plastic eggs, and some little toys and candy in Madeline's basket. We were more lenient than usual with the sweets because, we're supposed to be on holidays, right? So, she spent the day hopped up on sugar and pretty hard to deal with.

I think next year I'll try to make the day more special for them. It just kinda passed us by. I didn't even take any pictures (gasp!).

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Angela said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. That park looks really nice.
I can't believe how bIg Maison is!
Ummmm...where is Wednesday Wanderings????