Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maison, 1 year 4 months 6 days

Maison, my little man. First your specs: about 25 pounds and as tall as your sister when she's on her knees- average weight and height according to the doctor. Since we cut your hair, I'm constantly told how much you look like your dad. Funny how that happens most when you're nearly bald. You are very nearly done with the whole 8 teeth in 30 days thing (at least I'm hopeful. The last two may have popped out or should very soon). You are a little brute, still swinging your noggin around. Now, you swing it intentionally for a variety of reasons. To say sorry, you lean in with your forehead, for kisses you use your forehead, if you're mad, we better watch out because you hit with your head, HARD. If you're not near a person to knock when you get mad, you walk to whatever wall/door/piece of furniture that's nearby and slowly (you're a quick learner) bonk your head against it.

You recently discovered that you can reach into the drawer where we keep some food and help yourself, and Sophie, to crackers throughout the day. I'm now wishing we hadn't decided against cabinet locks (except we do have the under sink cabinet locked, of course!). Your favorite cabinets are the ones where we keep the food and my glass bowls. I guess pots and pans, and tupperware cabinets are for sissy 12 month olds.

You climb up as high as you can, on anything that's climbable. And then you balance on the edge or walk backward or do whatever you think will give mommy the biggest heart attack. Today, when we came in from flying our kite in the front yard, I noticed your lower leg was covered in scrapes and scratches. You didn't even notice. It must have happened when you were climbing on and off the planter wall. Your first big boy ouchies and they didn't even phase you. I think I'm in big trouble.

For you, happiness is:
  • Mommy
  • Playing in the backyard
  • Running down the driveway toward the street
  • Banana's, avocados and Wheat Thins
  • Drinking from a water bottle
  • Lids that fit on perfectly
  • Raspberries blown on your hands and feet
  • Sitting in mom or dad's lap
  • Your binki
  • Rolling all around on mommy's bed
  • Jumping, although your feet do not leave the ground
  • Swinging

  • Putting your shoes on
  • A basket or box to put things in
  • The inside of the refrigerator
  • The garage
  • Television
  • Stuff with wheels
  • Standing on the counter, looking out the window
  • Getting dishes out of the dishwasher
  • Unraveling toilet paper and/or tearing it into very small pieces
  • Giving kisses with your forehead
  • Playing in sisters bed (but she gets MAD!)
  • Your tricycle
  • Playing with daddy
  • Playing Ring Around the Rosie

That's a whole lot of happy. Of course, you still have your whole lot of mad, frustrated and impatient to go right along with it, but you are always an easy smiler. And your smile completely lights up your face. Many times a day daddy or I will mention how gorgeous you are. And you are, every single bit of you. But it's your smile that always makes our hearts explode. Even strangers can't help but smile at you, and when you smile back they always laugh , and say something like, "Oh, my! What a beautiful boy!". I have a strange tendency to notice strangers who come close and don't smile at you, I think because it's rare. And because I know that if they would, you'd smile back and give them some happy.

You are so much fun. You are understanding more things and playing games. Pointing is your main means of communication. You and your sister are interacting more (not always nicely), and you always like to hang out with mommy, but you will also play by yourself for long periods. I can stick your shoes on and open the backdoor and you'll go entertain yourself for a good long time. I watch from the open window or the open door. You'll go push your swing, or climb on and off the big rocks, or just go wandering out to the big, odd, slab of concrete that takes up the back corner of our yard. You and Sophie have become friends, I rarely hear you complain about her anymore (unlike your big sis!).

You are growing so fast and getting cuter and more fun everyday. I can't wait to see what comes next. I'm waiting for some words to come out of that cute toothy mouth of yours! I'm predicting binki will be the first, or maybe it'll be Sophie because we yell it so much.

PS. Mommy's a slacker and now that I've finally finished this post you are 1 year 4 months and 9 days old and doing more new things, that I'll save for later.

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Angela said...

Such a sweet post. He is growing up so fast. Love the headbutts.=)
Aren't climbers fun???
I tell you, these kids better be so appreciative of the journal and letters that we will have for them as they get older...doubtful.=)