Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. Yes, my Wanderings have wandered into Thursday.

2. I had to buy Madeline new socks today. I always think my babies' feet are so much smaller than they are and have returned so many pairs of shoes and socks. I realized a little while ago that I had Madeline and Maison in the same sock size. To me, Maison's looked way too big and Madeline's just right. But, yesterday I had to stop in the grocery store several times to pull Madeline's socks out of her shoes because they kept popping right off her heel. So I bought her some new, unbelievably huge, socks. They're a little big, but not much. (the grey ones are mine)

3. I like what the recession is doing to my clutter. Between not buying so much crap, and throwing stuff out that the kids drive me crazy by getting into over and over again, I'm just about down to the necessities under my bathroom sink. 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 hairspray, 1 facewash, 2 moisturizers, 3 nail polishes, etc.

4. On the other hand, there are lots of things I'd love to buy. Like camera stuff and a photography class, a waxing session and a full massage, Mini Boden clothes for the kids, frames for my pictures, a new comforter and sheets for our bedroom, and we need to get our roof fixed.

5. Seriously, can a kid really cut 8 teeth in a month? Give me 2 weeks and I'll let you know. Although, you might have to come find out yourselves if I don't survive it.

6. Madeline has replaced "goggy" with "doggy", and "show me" with "show you", and is obsessed with her butt.

7. I told Madeline I'd give her a thousand dollars if she'd throw her binki in the garbage. She wasn't interested. BUT she is interested in the big pink pony from Target and $5 from her grandma. We'll see how it goes. I just really, really don't want to force her to give it up. It's her lovey and if it was a stuffed animal or blanket that she loved so much, I wouldn't make her trash it. It just sucks that it's messing up her teeth. So for now, we're just TALKING lots about getting rid of it.

8. Thor has started a Topsy Turvy upside down garden. One tomato plant and two jalapenos.

8. I still need to do my taxes. As usual.

9. Right now the kids are playing outside. TOGETHER. I keep the back door closed to keep the flys out, but the window open so I can hear them and I'm at the kitchen counter watching them out the window. Madeline came up a few minutes ago and told me that they were having fun. She seemed surprised. And she keeps bringing me things that she's stopped Maison from chewing on. A piece of a drip line, some pipe, a rock, a hook that came with the Topsy Turvy, and a stick.

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