Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. The easiest way to get Madeline to eat her cereal in the morning is to put it in the big blue bowl. The easiest way to get her to drink her milk at dinner is to put it in the blue cup with the straw.

2. Thor and I escaped Saturday night to go out with some friends. We had some drinks at the guys' favorite raunchy, stinky bar and then saw my cousin play at the House of Blues. I didn't even have a hangover the next morning. How's that for self control?

3. Sunday I went to my first movie in about 2 years. He's Just Not That into You. It was cute.

4. Since Mommy's name is Jessica, and Daddy's name is Thor, and Grandma's name is Lisa, and GG's name is Audrey, Madeline thinks it's hilarious that Ian's name is Ian and Max's name is Max.

5. A couple of days ago, I plugged my camera into my computer to get the pictures off and it did nothing. I thought my camera was broken. Then I thought my usb plug had gone out. Turns out I've jammed my 150GB hard drive so full of junk it won't let anything else on. Now I'm working to get some of it off.

6. Today my baby girl turned 3.

7. My house is in a state of total disaster. The kids destroy faster than I clean up. But laundry is done.

8. Maison has been different the past few days. Lots of crying and clinging. He even took two naps today, which he hasn't done in a while. It has to be a tooth/ growth spurt combo that's hitting him pretty hard. Or maybe the walking is wearing him out and making him hungry. Or maybe he just loves me so much that he can't stand to be more than 3 inches away. I don't know. Poor little guy.

9. The kids this morning, entranced (sp?) by the tv-

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Angela said...

Happy Birthday Madeline! She is such a big girl with her #3 shirt! -Yay on night out and no hangover!
-Yay on the movie(I'm seeing it in a few weeks).
-Boo on the hard drive...isn't your computer just a couple months old? How'd you manage to fill it up already?
-Boo on crabby Maison, but oh is he a hunny.
I love the last pic...the blue cereal bowl and all.=)