Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. Our Sophie gets cold. She's the wimpiest, coldest dog I've known. When she's outside, Madeline will look out and ask to let her in because she's "wiggling" (instead of shivering). And Madeline "wiggles" after she gets out of the bath if we don't put her robe on right away.

2. I am obsessed with taking pictures, couponing, and now, after visiting a couple of friends with great decor, redecorating my house . Although, I am VERY irritated at my COMPLETE lack of design savvy.

3. Video link is fixed, for real this time.

4. Brownies are not my most favoritest dessert, but I finally used this pan that my mom gave me like a year ago, and now they've definitely been promoted. This pan has walls through the middle, so every single brownie has at least 2 chewy yummy edges. It rocks. Really.

6. Madeline's memory is killing me. She asked me where her pinwheel was that she got at a friends birthday party last April. Then she remembered that it broke and I had to throw it away (a week after she got it). She was barely two then.

7. When my Ipod is on shuffle, every 3-4 songs is sung either by a Sesame Street character or a Disney movie character.

8. I'm pretty sure Maison has some strange e.s.p. where he can sense the moment my head hits the pillow at night. I'd say 75% of the nights that he wakes up, he wakes within 4 minutes of me climbing into bed. Ask Thor- I'm seriously not exaggerating.

9. Just look at this face...

I don't care if it's 40 degrees outside and I'm naked. I WANT TO GO OUT SIDE!!!


Jamie said...

ok - where did your mom get that brownie pan? that sounds like the most awesome invention ever.

that is too funny about the pinwheel. :)

Lesley said...

That is SO Funny. I just told Jeff the other day I wanted one of those all edges brownie pans.

Millisa said...

i heart your randomness. it makes me happy. :)

Kristy said...

You make me laugh. I love to come to your blog. It is just so honest & funny! Ya mean old mama why can't he play?? Don't they break your heart when they turn on the big ole alligator tears!! Lastly, your daughter is a baby genius or something!!