Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 goal update

Goal #1: Exercise once a week.

I ordered and received an exercise video, but have yet to open it. That's all I've done. I'd say this one is so far a Fail with a capital F.

Goal #2: Hem pants and get out of these sweats and yogies.

Half way there. I've made a stack of everything that needs to be altered.

Goal #3: Plan, a full month at a time: dinners, the kids' meals, my lunches, and an activity with the kids for each weekday

My new calendar rocks, just as I thought it would. Look at how wonderfully large it is. January's dinners went well. Were adjusted as needed, of course, but I loved the month long schedule. Sundays now call for a grocery list only and no scheduling, which is great. And I have a whole month to work on the next schedule. And I can just reuse whole months once I get a few done, if I want to. February is the first month for planned lunches, but have decided it's not worth the trouble doing. The scheduled kid's activity is on once a week for now. And I also scheduled out my "chores". Which I will gradually be able to follow.

Goal #4: Shop Costco once a month, and major grocery shopping once a month, with weekly trips for spoilables.

So far mostly good.

Goal #5: Update my checkbook and budget worksheets once a week.

I redesigned my budgeting system and now update off of my receipts each night, or when I have them. Much better than trying to figure out my purchases off of statements 2 or 3 or 4 months down the line (who woulda thought?). Forces me to think twice before buying. So far, I have this goal in the bag. Only 11 more months to go.


Millisa said...

i need that calendaar...where did you get it?? good job girl...i have already pretty much failed on my goals...but it is never to late to give it another go around, right?

Angela said...

You are doing so great!