Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Birthday Princess

I'm still trying to get the hang of the special day, kid stuff and lucky for me, Madeline's just starting to grasp what these special days mean (she has the presents concept down). It took most of the day for her to understand that birthday doesn't necessarily mean party.

As a birthday treat, we made cupcakes before lunch. Madeline decided on the strawberry mix. She put all of the paper liners in the pans and did nearly all of the decorating.

Great Grandpa came over to say hi and have a cupcake with us before lunch. And he brought her a little tiny ballerina bear that my Grandma made.

After her nap, GG came over for a hug so we just had to have cupcakes again (M will only eat the top half of a cupcake). And then Thor brought home a couple of HUGE balloons and we let her open her presents.

I had a very cute video that I wanted to post of me asking her how old she turned today, and her answering me that she was now 6. And me asking her again, with her answering that she was now 8. But my video camera got dropped (yikes!), and somehow the camera is fine, but the little dvd is not. So no cute video. Boohoo.

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Jamie said...

i love the birthday princess picture. and her cupcakes look yummy. :)