Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. Today IS Wednesday, right? I'm a little lost.

2. I will now officially say that Maison is walking. He's walking more than he's crawling. But he walks like Frankenstein, or like an old man who rode a dirt bike for too long.

3. Since he's been walking, I've been trying to find some shoes that would stay on his feet. After returning a couple of pairs to different stores, I finally took him to a real shoe store and the lady took one look at his fat little feet and said "oooh, he needs extra-extra-wide!"

4. We've had some company for a few days. It's been nice. Kinda a little vacation for me too- shopping, eating out, watching a movie, Thor's been home really early every day. Nice.

5. Madeline is now enrolled in dance class. I was much more scared to take her than she was to go. She did fantastically. Didn't even care that she had to go in the class and stay with the teacher by herself. She followed the teacher's directions and talked with the other teeny tiny dancers. When the class was over, the teacher asked if I could remind her to stay in her chair for next time. I just hope she has more grace than I do!

(She's the one without dance gear)

6. When I first started this blog, all of the pics were of Madeline because Maison was just a boring newborn, and I felt guilty. I'm making up for it now. Isn't he the handsomest?

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Angela said...

Love the new profile pic...very pretty. Did Madeline take it.=)