Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

1. I forgot to keep this list running throughout the week, so this will probably be a short one.

2. I'm eating a cupcake right now that was supposed to look like an alien, but after a little disappointment, was adjusted to look like a cupcake, with green frosting topped with white frosting and valentine sprinkles.

3. The kids both woke up with sniffy noses this morning. I think every type of tree in our neighborhood is now illegal to plant because of the allergies they cause.

4. Thor and I both lost our Superbowl bets by 35 seconds. I only bet 20 bucks but would have won 100, which could have kinda almost paid for my hair appointment this month. Thor's dissappointment was a little greater than mine.

5. I slept 3 whole nights in a row this week without anyone waking me up. Maison decided to bring me back to reality last night.

6. This morning was a nice morning at the park. I resisted the urge to stop at Jack in the Crack AND Starbucks on the way home. Which I made up for by eating the cupcake.

7. I changed our reservations for next years Polar Express to not include the gross buffet and saved our party of 10 almost $300 bucks.

8. We've been putting offers on houses to keep as a rental, but keep missing them by one day. Fingers are crossed for the current one.

9. Madeline now knows more of the words to Horton than the last time I mentioned it and now wants me to talk along with the movie too.

10. At the grocery store, the cheap organic milk is no longer the cheap organic milk. They tried to trick me by putting cheaper stuff over by the regular milk, but I caught them- suckers!

11. I feel lucky to live in Las Vegas in the wintertime. Our tree is already budding and we need to check the sprinklers because the grass looks really dead.

12. Not a short one afterall...

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