Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hubs thinks he's funny

He saw this on the counter so he thought he should take a picture "to put on the blog"...

Just for the record, I was reading the recipe while Maison was hanging out on the counter (in his favorite spot, by the window) chewing on the dvd, that's how they ended up set out together.

Also for the record, the cookies have been made and eaten. And the dvd is still unopened.


Millisa said...

omg that is so funny. loved how you ended the post

Angela said...

Thor is hilarious!
And for the record, I love your honesty.

Drea said...

i realy like that jillian girl! shes kinda rough sometimes but i think she'd be fun to workout with :-) i came across ur blog from lesleys blog!