Monday, July 27, 2009

Skipping town

I'm happy to be taking the kids up to Duck Creek for a few days this week. We need to get out of this HEAT. Whew. My parents are up there in their motorhome and we're going to try to motorhome out with them. Yikes! It might be a shorter trip than I'm hoping for. Thor's working so we're leaving his butt behind! Sorry honey.

Here are some pics of the trip we took up there a few weeks ago. The boys were with us then and we stayed in a hotel. With lots of stairs. That Maison loved to climb. Madeline was diggin' nature. Maison was not. But he did dig in the dirt a little and throw some rocks. Madeline got to ride a horse with me and when we were riding the guide looked back at us and said, "Madeline I don't think your smile could get any bigger!".


Lesley said...

Fun!! Cute photos! I'm jealous, this heat is KILLING us. Is it weird my word verification is enema (spelled wrong, but still). =)

Kristy said...

Great Pictures!!
Hey, we have property right there by Duck Creek in Hatch!!
We could be right next to you on a camping trip & not even have known it :)