Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I laugh and ruin everything

I'm trying to remember to ask Madeline to help me clean up her messes. I've been really bad so far and used to let the kids go hog wild and I'd clean up while they were both napping. I liked it that way. No fights and I like to piddle and straighten anyways. But now with Madeline not napping, I need to find a new routine.

So today, I had moved my huge and EXTREMELY heavy mattress off my bed and moved the box springs so I could vacuum up the cat nastiness from underneath. While I did that, the kids got into the hall closet and took out all 12 rolls of paper towels, 3 packages of toilet paper, and whatever diapers, tin foil, Brita filters, and packages of baby wipes I had in there. They built a "bathroom" within the mattress frame so Madeline could go (pretend, thank goodness) pee. They were playing together and keeping busy so I left them alone.

As I made the bed back, Madeline was supposed to put all of the closet stuff back over by the closet, 1 hallway width away. After each roll of paper towels she said, "ugggghhh, I had a heart attack!", by the time she got to the toilet paper it was, "oh my gosh, you're killing me!", after the toilet paper she walked in all hunched over with her hands practically dragging on the floor talking about the heart attack again. That's when I couldn't hold my laugh back any longer. So then, of course, she wouldn't do anything else except walk around "exhausted" with her head hung low and her fingers nearly dragging the floor. I ended up cleaning the rest of the mess. She knows how to play me, that's for sure.

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Angela said...

Oh my...LMAO. She IS a little comedian. A pretty one, too!