Friday, July 10, 2009

Now for the recital pics

In case the video was not enough cuteness for you.

(Please excuse my collage making skills and don't notice that in the before the recital pics I have her hair bow in upside down and in the wrong spot).

Madeline really enjoyed being in the recital and all of the attention (and presents) that went with it. She even seems to be more excited for dance class now. Maybe she'll grow up liking and grabbing the limelight (not like her mama, that's for sure). Thor yelled out her name when she walked on stage and later when I asked her if she heard him, she said (enter a like, duh... tone here) "no, mom, I was too far away."


Millisa said...

pretty princess :) she is such a doll jess

Britt said...

Haha she's so cute. I love the little comment at the end. Wish I could have been there to watch <3

Angela said...

She is so pretty! Already getting the "duh" attitude...oh what I have to look forward to..ha!