Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July

I have complete blogger's block lately. I have pictures I want to post of my pretty girl from her recital, but I'm just going to post about our holiday weekend first and hopefully get to her later.

Thor had planned to work Saturday morning, but couldn't, so he decided to do yard work instead. But, then he got hungry and his plan changed again and he scrapped the yard work for breakfast at a Mexican restaurant downtown. Maison ate like a champ. Madeline did not, but she did score 2 bouncy balls and a ring from the quarter machines in the back.

That afternoon we went to my parents' house for swimming and BBQ. Thor even dressed like a firework for the occasion.

Madeline is really getting into swimming. She loves the pool and is much more comfortable than she was last year. Maison got in too for a little bit. I even caught a couple pictures of him smiling with Thor. He got all of his crying out while I had him. He's still pretty freaked out by the water and hangs on FOR DEAR LIFE with all of his limbs.

I love this belly. It is so big.

We had LOTS of yummy food. Jalapeno poppers, jalapeno guacamole and jalapeno burgers were all on the menu. My stomach was in a bad, bad state the next day. I made the jalapeno thingies from PW's website and they were way too good.

When it started to get dark, my mom got out some glow wands, swords, and necklaces for the kids. Then we started the fireworks when it was dark enough. The boys' dad was there so they put on the firework show. Madeline just sat staring at them. Maison started to giggle as the first one started to whizz around, then it started popping and scared the poop out of him. I couldn't get him far enough away from them after that and we ended up inside, watching from the window and even that made him very uncomfortable.

We let the kids stay up late that night. It may be the latest they've ever stayed up, or at least close to it. I expected them to be crashed out as soon as we started driving, but they both managed to stay awake the whole way home. And luckily we live in a quiet neighborhood and no late night firework crazies woke us up in the night.

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