Monday, August 3, 2009

Ian's skateboard cake, take 2

Ian was just a few months old when Thor and I started dating. Now he's 11 years old. 11 years! Holy cow.

Ian liked his last year's birthday cake enough to ask for a similar one for this year. He said he wanted it exactly like it was last year with donut wheels and everything. But he wanted Blind on it instead of DC. I took a design off the skateboard website and frozen buttercream transfered it. It ended up looking much better than it tasted. I picked a BAD cake/frosting combination. Add to that lots of black food coloring and it was barely edible. Max actually gagged on the frosting a little bit. But I'll just blame that on him being choked up about a sad lizard issue just a few minutes before. Sorry Ian (and everyone else)! At least it looked cool. That's all that really matters anyways, right?

His party ended up being 9 days before his actual birthday because my parents had a trip planned. So, lucky guy, got some of his presents early. Giftcards, really cool dirt bike riding gear, and a model car kit, from what I remember. Here are a few pictures from his party.

Happy birthday Ian. Now stop growing please. Love, Auntie Jessica.


Millisa said...

jess, you are seriously so super talented! isn't it so hard to see those kiddos grow up thpugh?? my cousin is getting married this friday and i was telling her at her shower that when i started dating kevin (who she madly had a crush on) she was only eleven...and now she is getting married and is about to graduate with her PhD!!! insane. looks like he had a great party :)

Angela said...

You rock!

Kristy said...

What what a handsome little nephew you have :)
You do Rock!!!! Nice Cake!!!
Can I hire you, my boys' Bday Is October?