Sunday, November 2, 2008

Holy Halloween

We had a zillion (give or take) trick-or-treaters and it was such a nice, warm night. We went to 4 houses so Madeline could do her first ever trick-or-treats and she loved it. Thanks to our candy-hander-outers (my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Debbie and Great Aunt Judy), her candy bucket was nearly full with candy. She now loves candy and all I hear all day is "it's candy time", "mommy, more candy", "candy now, please," and the wonderful, "WAHHHHH CANDY!!". And, of course, Thor and I haven't had a single piece of her candy, at all, ever. I'm funny. I know.

We seriously went through at least 500 pieces of candy, and for the most part, only gave 1 piece per person. Thank goodness for Costco.

The teenagers were out in full force for free candy, and while it was kinda annoying, I went there one year, too (maybe two years...), and some of them were really funny. Funny enough for me to take pictures of complete strangers.

Madeline wore her costume all night, but Masion only wore his long enough for pictures and then again just long enough to go trick-or-treat at our next door neighbor's house.

Madeline was very weary of the scary stuff (as she should be). At one house she handed her bucket to my mom and told her to do it. She didn't like the scary, but she didn't want to give up the candy. Madeline didn't like Grandpa's mask one bit, but I don't think Maison even noticed it.

And look who we get to buy a costume for next year.

Like I don't have enough reasons to not sleep at night. But she sure is cute...


Millisa said...

awwwwwww....super fun night! they look so cute...and what a cute puppy too!! what is it's name?

Angela said...

You got a puppy??? She is a cutie. I bet Madeline just eats her up.
M & M sure look cute in their costumes. I am so jealous of how festive your neighborhood looks. We did not get a single trick or treater, which we expected.
And btw, yes, you and I definitely went there with the trick or treating into our teenager years! Awww...To be a kid again.=)
Thanks for inviting us over. I wish we could have come.