Thursday, November 13, 2008

So far today

Maison slept all night, but of course, my newest addition had to get up at 4:00 to go pee outside.

Madeline watched 3 episodes of Little Einsteins from her new Christmas DVD that she loves. She woke up way too early today, so she also watched Jojo's Circus and Johnny and the Sprites in my bed while I tried to not get up.

I vacuumed and did dishes.

We hit up Starbucks for the Eggnog Chai that I'm trying not to make a daily habit, and a pack of Madeleine cookies for me and Madeline to share (which is, by the way, where I got her name, although we spelled it differently. She was named after cookies. That can't be surprising coming from me.)

We went to the park. There was no one else there. I let Maison crawl around on the ground. Gross I know, but I give up. I also put him in the swing for the first time and he kicked and smiled with delight. Madeline climbed up the slides and slid back down backwards and upside down.

Madeline and Sophie (our new dog) are now playing in the backyard. They've been playing quietly for half an hour now, which , I think is a record. I keep sneaking looks, being very careful not to remind them that I'm here. It looks like they are collecting a lot of "trees" (small branches from our evergreen bush/tree things).

Maison is napping. I put him down without his binky and he didn't even notice. I think he might not ever see a binky again. He has been taking big, huge naps lately. Yesterday's was 4 hours. Hopefully today will be the same. After his four hour nap:

On the other hand, Madeline has already been in her bed twice just to have her binky.

I am having anxiety issues from trying to choose my favorite photos from our family photo shoot we did with Lesley this weekend because all of the pics turned out so nice. So I took a break to write this lovely post.

I think I hear Madeline dragging a very dirty toy into my recently vacuumed house from the backyard. The one that is holding all of the "trees", so got to go...

Yep, she was. I told her to "take it back outside". She told me to "check it out".


Millisa said...

awe...sounds like a super day :) nolan loves those cracks me up that you got her name from there :) hope today is as good as yesterday!

Angela said...

Very productive day, Jes.
Sophie is gorgeous.