Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something I don't want to forget

I didn't start this blog until after Maison was born, but there are some things that pop into my head about Madeline when she was younger. I'm going to try to put them here as I remember them, otherwise they will dissappear from my brain completely.

When she first started walking, my mom and I took her to The District one weekend evening to walk around and do a little shopping. On the weekend there they have bands that play. Madeline has been a little dancer since she could move, always moving and groving to whatever beat or music she'd hear. Even funny things like the blowdryer would make her start bee-bopping.

Anyways, the music was playing and she was tottering around. As we got closer to the band, she started bopping. At one point she could barely keep walking because the music had taken over. It was hilarious. This little tiny thing, trying so hard to walk and dance at the same time.

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Angela said...

M is so tiny in this pic. Sweet post Jes. I too have a little dancer...it is so cute to watch. Hopefully you capture the booty shaking on video.
I am diggin the new page! Love the pics, as usual.