Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The last perfect day

We had a cold week a while back and it made us feel all Fall-ish. After that week it warmed back up again. Thor and I kept complaining that it just wasn't getting cold fast enough. That is was still HOT HOT HOT outside, and blah, blah, blah. Then, suddenly, I realized that it wasn't HOT, it was like upper 70's, and that I better enjoy it while it lasts because it certainly will NOT last forever (this isn't San Diego, you know).

Today (according to those always correct, never wrong, weather forecaster folk) was the last perfect day. Tomorrow it will be cold and gloomy. Which is good for the holiday, but then upper 70's would be nice again if the weather gods wouldn't mind.

We have spent a lot of time outside. Madeline and Sophie palled around for hours everyday. And Maison's whinning broke me down and I've let him crawl around on the patio. We did the park a few times and Maison loves to be pushed around the backyard on the tricycle. He's surprisingly sturdy sitting all by himself, and can even pop wheelies.

I spent the last perfect day at Costco (craziness!!), the grocery store, and Target (where I regularly donate most of my money), and with my friend waiting for her new baby to arrive (what a tiny doll!). And trying to figure out how to post videos on this page, and figuring out how to get the videos off off the 50 mini-dvd disks I have accumulated over the past 2 1/2 years (I think I got it, finally!), and now playing with my new, lovely, photo program, shopping on Amazon, and posting to this wonderful blog. I'm pooped.

Hey cutie bootie, I'm sure I'll see you here in the next couple of hours. Guess I love you anyways.


Angela said...

Busy day! Funny, Dave came home Monday and said "what a beautiful day" and I realized I had been in the house the entire day and had missed the last days of beautiful weather. I must say I loved the doom and gloom weather today.
Love the pics. Maison is so cute on the bike...poppin' wheelies! Such a big, adorable grin.
The pic Madeline and her doggie is so sweet. And PS-M has that same shirt...Target shopper here, too!
Happy Thanksgiving my only friend.=)

Millisa said...

what gorgeous pictures of the kids! glad they enjoyed the last nice day :) i must admit, i too regularly donate my money to target too...i'm such a target addict :)