Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Developments

in Madeline land.

We converted her crib to a toddler bed. now she can get in and out whenever she wants. But she doesn't. She still calls for us and waits for us to come and get her. She doesn't know any better and we haven't clued her in. Now she LOVES her bed, though. Much more than when it was a crib. Even when we go get her up, she'll lay for a while until she's ready. And she lays herself down when she's upset and has even gone to lay down when I made her wait too long for her nap. I'm sure the fact that she can only have her binki when she's in her bed is a giant factor in her bed love.

She is just starting to show a preference for particular clothes. As we walked around the mall the other day, she veto'd everything I picked up for her. Unfortunately, (for her because it's not going to happen) she only wants me to buy her outfits that have Hello Kitty on them.

She is also just starting to understand that everyone has a name. It's only been a couple of weeks since she understood the concept of her own name. She has always answered to Madeline, but for a long time, if asked her name, she'd answer, "Sister." It was really cute. But now she knows she's Madeline, and Mommy is Jessica, and Daddy is Thor. I told her that Daddy was crazy, for some reason or another, and she said, "No, Daddy Thor."

This is her new friend "Jack". He's the first thing she has named completely on her own. He's named after Jack the Pumpkin King:

She keeps him clean

And exercised

She asked me, "where's his butt?"

She's pretty scared of all of the Halloween stuff, so when Thor bought these skeletons, I decided it'd be better for her to play with them, than for her to just see them hanging in our tree on Halloween night. Now she won't leave them alone.


Millisa said...

her bed is gorgeous! what a princess bed for a little princess :) i LOVE jack! she takes such good care of him...he he

lesleysmeshly said...

LOVE the bed! I was just telling Jeff yesterday that I hope when we convert the babies beds that they don't understand that they can get out on their own and I'm NOT telling them. =)

Kristy said...

That is so stinkin cute!! She takes good care of her little skeleton! WHat a little mother hen:)