Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thanks Omi and Oma!

Dear Omi & Oma,

I love all of my new clothes and my brother likes his a lot too. He mostly chews and sucks on his, though. I tried to rip them out of his hands, but he cried, so mommy made me give them back.

I tried on my aqua (my favorite color, by the way) jacket that's all fuzzy soft inside and wore it around the house for a while. It'll be great for the wintertime. My favorite is the red and black puppy dress. Last week, I fell in LOVE with a great bracelet that I absolutely refused to leave at the store, but mommy said she wouldn't buy it because I didn't have anything to match it, whatever that means. In the end mommy won the argument, because, well, she's the one with the credit card. BUT, it was a red and black bracelet with puppy charms on it, so mommy said we might be able to go back and get it now that it matches my new dress. Yay!

After we received and opened your package I told mommy that we should go drive to see you, but I guess you're really far away. She said something about needing an airplane or something. Oh, well. We miss you and love you.


PS. Here's a picture of me after I laid down all cute and smiled all pretty but my mom didn't have the camera ready fast enough, so I got up and ran away really fast, and mommy bribed me with a cookie to do it again, only I wouldn't smile this time.

PSS. My little brother sends his love, too.

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