Monday, October 6, 2008

Art in the Park

We went to Boulder City's Art in the Park yesterday. It amazes me how many really talented people there are in the world.

The weather was perfect. We're trying to enjoy it as much as we can while it's nice. We got a great parking spot, which is a miracle since there are no parking lots up there, and we were definitely not going to park in the remote lot and take the CAT bus in. And both kids were really, really good (except that Madeline wouldn't stop talking about all of the damn puppys that were there and how she wanted to touch them, and hold them and that they were hers and that she wants a puppy and on and on and on).

We bought a couple of Christmas gifts, I got a nice necklace, and Madeline ate a huge piece of pizza and had her first snow cone ($3 for a cup of ice- craziness). Thor got more than a few comments about our hugemongous stroller, especially since there was usually only one kid it.

Madeline thought these very strange bee sculptures were hilarious.

Here's her best impression of one.

One the way home I looked back and saw Madeline staring out the window and Maison asleep with his hand on her hand. It was really precious (especially since she rarely lets him touch her). I was happy to get the picture, although once M noticed the camera, she whipped her hand away.

It was a great outing.

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